F200 V6

The hard working F200 V6 is a popular choice for commercial operators due to its proven reliability and performance in the most challenging of marine environments. This powerful workhorse has been specifically built to handle the extra loads, higher hours and additional demands required by professional operators – where people’s lives and livelihoods matter. This powerful, ultra-dependable V6 3.4 litre engine takes advantage of variable camshaft timing for improved low and mid-range torque resulting in better power and acceleration. The F200 V6 also includes a single electronic throttle valve for a smoother, more responsive and fuel efficient operation.

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Category 42
Engine 4-Stroke, 24 Valve DOHC VCT Direct Action 60°-V6
Displacement 3352
Bore 94 x 80.5
Max RPM 5000-6000
Alternator 12V - 43A with Rectifier Regulator
Gear Ratio 2.00 : 1 (Coutner Rotating Prop Available)
Oeda Rating 3
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