Whether venturing offshore or sticking to the rivers and bay, the extremely versatile F150 offers the perfect match of power, efficiency and reliability.  The F150 was Yamaha’s first outboard in the big four-cylinder category and since this time has achieved a legendary reputation for its responsive performance, outstanding reliability and exceptional fuel economy. With its narrow four-cylinder inline configuration, the F150 is also a perfect solution for compact twin outboard installations, with a counter rotating prop option available.

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Category 42
Engine 16-Valve DOHC Direct-Action In-line 4
Displacement 2670
Bore 94 x 96.2
Max RPM 5000-6000
Alternator 12V - 36A with Rectifier Regulator
Gear Ratio 2.00 : 1 (Counter Rotating Prop Option Available)
Oeda Rating 3
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