Proven design, unmatched versatility, unbeatable value with an outstanding power to weight ratio plus world renowned reliability. There’s plenty of reasons to consider Yamaha’s 50H for your next boat. The proven three cylinder design with loop charged fuel intake delivers smooth, responsive and efficient power. Yamaha’s precision blend oil injection (optional) ensure optimum smooth running an power delivery.

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Code 50HETOL
Category 83
Engine 2-Stroke, In-line 3
Displacement 698
Bore 67 x 66
Max RPM 4500-5500
Coil 12V - 80W (MHD)
Alternator 12V - 6A with rectifier regulator (ETO, WHTO)
Fuel Tank 24
Gear Ratio 1.85 : 1
Oeda Rating 1
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