Paint: Clear Coat 300CC

Paint Clear Coat 300CC is a high quality, factory-matched clear top coat spray paint.

With durable enamel coating, it provides excellent coverage against the elements.

For optimum results, use as a top coat with the following paints:

  • Paint 300CC, Met Mar Blue (EJ) – MAR-PAINT-00-EJ
  • Paint 300CC, Shiny Black (NA) – MAR-PAINT-00-NA
  • Paint 300CC, Met Mar Silver (EK) – MAR-PAINT-00-EK
  • Paint 300CC,Dark Grey Met’94>(4D) & (8D) – MAR-PAINT-00-4D
  • Paint 300CC,Harbour White (EL) – MAR-PAINT-00-EL
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